The Ghost of Lamford Castle

This script was one of several I considered using for a short film production class in 2022, before I ultimately went with Image Transfer. It teases paranormal romance, but becomes a relatively realistic depiction of endogenic plurality, a marginalized identity that I believe deserves more awareness.

My friend Nakali, who’s part of a mixed‐origin plural system, helped me come up with the main story beats; I filled in a lot of the details and wrote the screenplay. Although the story doesn’t reflect her personal experiences, she’s very knowledgeable about the endogenic community, and she’s given this script her stamp of approval.

Image Transfer

A cyberpunk short film, written for the same production class as The Ghost of Lamford Castle. The writing is heavily based on ’80s tech noir, but I tried to ground it in issues surrounding our present‐day reality—particularly, how post‐digital capitalism is shifting ownership away from individuals and communities and towards corporations.

Watch the completed video here. Winner of “Best Sci‐Fi Short Film” at Cuckoo International Film Awards and “Best International Short Film” at Rameshwaram International Film Festival!

Away With the Fairies

A short horror film, written on spec, about a young girl’s encounters with a band of fairies. It’s based on a short story I wrote for a mythology class, History of Magical Creatures. The original assignment was to create a collection of fictional accounts of fairy encounters, inspired by real European folklore.

You can read the original story here.

The Streetlight Man

I made this short film for the student TV show Global Village. I’m a big proponent of youth rights, and this piece was mainly intended to challenge the condescending and harmful way that many people try to hide knowledge from children, supposedly “for their own good”. This message is embedded in a much more conservative lesson for children about curfews, and the whole thing is wrapped in my esoteric approach to supernatural horror.

Watch the completed video here.


This short sketch about an allegedly haunted doll shows my humor at its most absurd. I wrote it for fun a few years ago, meaning to imitate the style of late ’00s Internet videos. I don’t remember who came up with the name, but it amuses me more than it probably should.

My brothers and I tried to produce this once. We had nearly completed it, apart from the effects shots at the end, but we abandoned it for a while and nearly lost it in a drive failure. Here’s the most recent version that we were able to recover.

Time Bungalow

The first segment I ever made for Global Village, this short film is my reaction against nonsense time‐travel shenanigans. Some call predestination a paradox; I call it a fun excuse to play with causality and fate.

Watch the completed video here.

Doing a Good Behavior: Peer Pressure

This comedy skit is a loving parody of the corny, out‐of‐touch, rarely helpful PSAs I was frequently subjected to in grade school. Two confused men try to serve teens a helpful life lesson, without exactly understanding the point of what they’re supposed to teach.

I created the characters Jag and Holmes ages ago for a handful of 30 to 60‐second audio skits (no longer in my possession), but this is my first attempt to translate them to video. If I ever get into animation, I could see myself giving them their own series.

Splinkovision Games Ltd. Pty. Inc. LLC,,.

A mockumentary about the video game industry, written for Global Village. Among other jabs at AAA studios, this is one of my earlier attempts to criticize the poor preservation of digital media, particularly targeting the “games as a service” model. This company has a lot of potential for further exploration.

Watch the completed video here.

Hypermint iGum commercial

I wrote this commercial for a fictional chewing gum for my very first production class. It presents a story in the style of a film trailer, building anticipation for a big reveal: the gum. My intention was that, if you only removed the product placement, it would make the basis for a successful movie or TV series.

Watch the completed video here.

Wonder Bread commercial

This is another comically subversive commercial, written for a freelance production class. It’s a common joke that infomercials invent problems that no one has. Here, I’ve invented a ridiculous problem that’s caused by the product’s strength, which can only be solved by competing brands.

Watch the completed video here.

Global Village Spring 2019 Episode 4

In 2019, I wrote four episodes of Global Village, two of which were produced. I always tried to go beyond the show’s usual format and work the linking segments into a short story. This episode features a sentient video that doesn’t want to be watched, and the implication that the executive producer has magic powers—fairly typical of my work on the show.

For context, this episode aired the week before spring break, meaning that the episode Zeke teases near the end never actually existed. I wanted to take the idea that “Homunculus Twilight” refused to let itself be seen and extend that into the real world.

Watch the full episode here.