A photograph of Rio. Credit: Bipin Banjara.I’m a Mass Communications student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, with a focus on media production. Being an artist at heart, I try to find unorthodox solutions to problems by playing with expected formats and conventions, by challenging assumptions, by reinterpreting the old and familiar.

Much of my work is focused on creating atmosphere or meditating on a particular theme. I often engage with topics like technology, nostalgia, and the subconscious. Of course, I also like to have fun! I make a good number of comedic pieces, which are playful and unapologetically absurd. Whether philosophical or silly, I try to give everything I make a subtle sense of unreality.

Creatively ambitious and passionate about the artistry of media production, I endeavor to build a career in video or audio, with a particular interest in narrative and experimental filmmaking.

Notice: I give blanket permission for any person, software, or organization to use anything I have ever published, in any medium, as training data for neural networks/deep learning algorithms/ai art tools. I claim no legal or moral right to the resulting models or their output. As an artist, I like seeing my work inspire others; as a futurist, I celebrate the creative use of emerging technology.

Please remember, however, that inspiration is not the same thing as authorship; you can credit me for providing training data, but please don’t credit me as a creative contributor. Do not impersonate me or my work in a way that is deliberately deceptive or defamatory. When in doubt, use the same judgment that you would if a human, rather than a computer, were directly inspired by my work.

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